Rapture #112: Degens I Follow

Rapture #112: Degens I Follow

The crypto community undoubtedly lives on Twitter. As a trader, some of the most insightful commentary on the markets come from my fellow crypto degens. While I personally have opted not to spend a lot of time building a large following as they have, I respect many of these traders as much if not more so than nearly any colleague I have had.

Note that not all these traders are the same stylistically as I am, nor do I follow their trades. Yet I always find their commentary insightful and use it to better develop my framework for the markets as a whole.

Foo (@bitcoinpanda69)

While his cute pictures and wholesome commentary might fool you, Foo’s insights  on crypto cycles are second to none out of the crypto degens. Not only did Foo call the May top, but he also was one of the only large following degen accounts left to believe the bull market was not over after BTC dropped more than 50% back to $30,000 last summer.

The individual coin picks that put Foo on the map included RUNE in 2020 – 2021.

Cobie (@cobie)

While I have covered Cobie’s work before in previous a previous Rapture, his shit posts are so dank that I thought it would be necessary to call attention to his account once again. While Cobie is less active now that he has at leas 9 figs, the man has an uncanny understanding of the large crypto macro narratives at play.

Tetranode (@Tetranode)

Tetranode likely has the best track record out of anyone on this list during the most recent bull market. Successfully calling innovative projects like OlympusDAO, Rari.Capital, Convex, Curve, and more, Tetranode has an incredibly deep understanding of tokenomics. Specifically, he is able to deduce which tokenomics are optimized to accrue value to the token, at least in the short term.

Tetranode is the king of DeFi 2.0 and Frog Army plays.

Loomdart.eth (@loomdart)

While technical analysis has never been my thing, Loomdart is renowned for successfully drawing lines on a chart and predicting where the market will go based on those lines. Most recently, he has moved more to the entrepreneurial side in NFTs, supporting projects like Yats and a building LoomLock.

Regardless, his commentary on the culture of crypto never misses.

Crypto Bitlord (@crypto_bitlord7)

The king of shitcoins. Bitlord has an unbelievable track record of calling both memecoin trends and momentum plays in legitimate projects well before the wider crypto community embraces them.

Bitlord successfully called Dogecoin before Elon Musk embraced it, ShibaInu (one of the best performers in 2021 prior to the May pull back), and most recently has called MONG as the next major memecoin. While memecoins are not my cup of tea, watching Bitlord call the trends in real time has been mesmerizing.

Some of his successful momentum calls on coins with terrific fundamentals include KSM in the first half of 2021 and AXS.

Bonus: BambouClub (@BambouClub)

While BambouClub is more under the radar, and a bit more political than the rest, his understanding of crypto derivatives is second to none in twitter. If you are looking to learn more from someone who knows how to optimize for risk in crypto, BambouClub puts out some amazing content (if he approves your follow!)